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Meet Nicole, Kundalini Yoga Instructor 

Free Live Kundalini Yoga Classes with Nicole!


SLOmo Kundalini Flow

Tuesdays @ 6pm EST

SLO moving stretchy yoga flows for everyBODY and level. A concoction of kundalini postures blended with a SLOmo flow to tune into our bodies strength and intelligence, connecting to the rawness of now.

"The length and depth of our breath measures the effect of our inner state and how we move. Our bodies respond when we pull our focus to how deeply and slowly we breathe." 

- Nicole, Anahana Private Yoga Instructor

Beginner Kundalini

Thursdays @ 6pm EST

A playful and creative introduction to a modernized kundalini style that builds on stability and focuses on moving energy, breath and body. Prepare to sweat, smile, and be lovingly expanded into something new.

"Kundalini yoga works on glandular and organ systems with no “perfect posture” to attain. The focus is breath and movement and thus accessible by all, energizing and elevating the neutral mind for clarity, vitality, and health."

- Nicole, Anahana Private Yoga Instructor


About Nicole

Nicole’s daily inspirations and style come from years in the healthcare industry as a palliative care nurse, using mixtures of healing modalities to provide 'dis-ease' in the body/mind complex.  

After taking her 200 Vinyasa YYT training under Liz Lindh at the Sanctuary at Two Rivers in Costa Rica, 105 hour Kundalini training under Gloria Latham in Vancouver, BC, and studying under other teachers such as Meaghan Currie, Goldie and Elena Brower, Nicole learned to blend traditional and modern ways of infusing whole heart dialogue into movements that open the body and still the mind.  

Her classes are created from a potent and eclectic brew of postures and meditations that are slow but strong, intentional and fluid, connecting the body and the mind to the here and now. 

Nicole specializes in Kundalini and believes that by infusing elements of Kundalini into our daily yoga practice, we can begin to see reality over illusion, to release instead of contract, and to listen to the hum of our unique body and begin to move and breathe in ways that provide equilibrium and ease.