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"There is no such thing as a person who can't meditate. It's just a beginner who hasn't practiced for long enough, that's all. "




What Will I Learn?


Training for the Mind

Exercising the muscles of the brain can be done in various ways and just about anywhere.


Benefits of Meditation

The science behind the long list of benefits that arise from meditation - from less stress to better sleep!


Tips for Getting Started

Tips and ideas on how you get can get started with your meditation practice.

Weekly Guide Breakdown

Week 1: Introduction

Explore the different forms of mind training and how you can start your practice. 

Week 2: Top Meditation Benefits

Discover the top three benefits that people experience from meditation and why it works! 

Week 3: Are You Stuck In Fight or Flight?

Learn about our natural stress response system and how it can hinder our health if not managed properly. 

Week 4: Tuning Into Your Breath

Learn some tips on elevating your breathing to take your meditation practice to the next level. 

Week 5: Meditation Helps Everyone

Just about all of us could benefit from a clearer mind, less stress, and better breathing. How do you think this would help you?

Week 6: Full Guide Recap

Get a complete refresher of the entire guide's lessons and tips to start or elevate your meditation practice. 

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