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"Pure water is the world's first and foremost medicine."




What Will I Learn?


The Vitality of Water

The science behind our body's essential need for water and why this liquid can enhance various areas of your life.


Daily Water Intake Benefits

Surprising benefits arise from drinking water, such as clearer skin, improved performance and mood.


Building a Hydration Habit

Simple tips and ideas that you can start utilizing today to build a healthy hydration habit!

Weekly Guide Breakdown

Week 1: Introduction

Learn about the essentials of building a new habit and what you can do to start drinking more water. 

Week 2: Water and Healthy Weight Management

Learn the connection between drinking water and obesity rates and how this action can help you decrease caloric intake.

Week 3: Water + Workout = Fitness Success

Explore how drinking water can influence your workout and recovery, along with symptoms of dehydration.

Week 4: Look Younger With Healthy Hydration

Ditch the anti-wrinkle cream and learn how water is the most natural (and cheapest) way to keep your skin nourished and glowing. 

Week 5: Feel Happier With Healthy Hydration

Hydrated people typically feel happier, more focused and less anxious - learn why. 

Week 6: Purify & Replenish

Once you've gotten into the habit of drinking more water, how can you enhance it? 

Week 7: Full Guide Recap

Get a complete refresher of the entire guide's lessons and tips to integrate a healthy hydration habit into your life. 


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